Overview – Artworks and Exhibitons

Displayed with the symbols of the main menu



  • Artworks / Objects can be assigned to exhibitions
  • Exhibitions contain artworks & location descriptions

Extended display of concept

The extended display of the concepts shows, that an Artwork (ger. Kunstwerk) needs an Artist (ger. Künstler) and an Event (ger. Veranstaltung) needs a Location (ger. Ort).

One assigns the artworks to the events in the event area (in blue).


Click on this picture to see the sequence of the steps.


Complete display of the relationships of all elements

In this display you see the following:

  • The Dashboard (Overview) shows Artworks (ger. Kunstwerke), Events (ger. Veranstaltungen)  and Topics/Ideas (ger. Themen/Ideen)
  • Artist (ger. Künstler) are used to be assigned to Artworks (ger. Kunstwerke)
  • Location (ger. Ort)  are necessary to be assigned to Events (ger. Veranstaltungen)
  • The User Profile Settings (My Account) are accessible from every area via the Side Menu and the User Menu. This page is colored in the respective color of the area you inititated “My Account”.



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