What is Volbart?

  • Online-Database to organize various artworks
  • Planning tool for artists, art associations and galleries
  • Simple data collection of the single artworks and planning of the exhibitions
  • Art software, art management

Important for the understanding

  • Your data is only visible for you
  • It doesn't matter if "online", "in the cloud" or "in the internet", it means, that your inserted data are accessable from everywhere, but controlled.
  • This page www.volbart.rocks explains the Web-App my.volbart.rocks IS the Web-Application
  • Your data is both transmitted and saved securely

How do I approach

  • Center of the database are your artwork. They will be photographed and uploaded. To every artwork you can add specific data (sizes, materials, year of finalization, price and more)
  • Furthermore you can generate exhibitions to which you can assign the saved artworks.
  • By joining the club one can choose between 4 differend packages.
  • With the ARTIST account one can store up to 5 artists (your pseudonyms, artworks of friends or fellows) and their artworks, an unlimited amount of artworks, unlimited event locations and an unlimited amount of idea collections of different topics.
  • With the EXHIBITORS account on can catch unlimited artists, unlimited event locations, unlimited events and 5 idea collections for e.g. a next exhibition.
  • The STUDENT or PUPILS account has no limitations in none of the mentioned categories.
  • Choosing the FREE account one is limited to 5 elements except 10 of your artworks.

Help and support

In the menu „Guidance and Info“ you will find

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