Use cases

Over the years many artworks will be created.
Volbart will give you the overview. The different use cases will explain the necessity.

wird Ihnen die Übersicht geben, und die verschiedenen Anwendungsfälle erläutern die Notwendigkeit.

How much is the painting, being presented back then at the exhibition in Munich?
How big is it then exactly?
Tip: That are the basic functions in the case you meet a customer spontaneously or if you asked to give a quick info at a party.
Tip: The Fast-Calculation using the factor-formular shows that you are competent.
How big is the drawing exactly to find the suitable passepartout or photo mount or a frame?
What colors were used?
What size should the passepartout have?
Answer: Once inserted even a quick / draft photo with the dimentions of the artwork give a exact information in the frame shop.
Is the painting in the storage room or in the cellar/basement?
It was reserved, wasn't it?
Answer: Status and artwork location provide the necessary information.
Tip: Being in the storage room with your mobile the info-fields are filled or updated quickly.
Which artworks can be considered being in the next exhibition?
Is it a themed exhibition?
Which artwork of the series was displayed already somewhere else, which not?
Answer: Assigned to a series or a project you can use the filter functionality.
Answer: You have the best overview with the Event-Artwork-Table (Matrix)
Answer: The artwork overview shows the artworks on tiles in 4 different formats and sizes. Here you can also filter the 'collections'-tags.

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