Operation elements

The main operation elements are the Main menu, the circular button for new elements, the filter menu with the result list and the side menu.

How to change, save, delete some content and how to add artworks to an exhibition will be described subsequently.



Main menu

Via the main menu you will reach the overview pages of the following areas

  • Overview of all artworks (ger. Kunstwerke)
  • Overview of all events (ger. Veranstaltungen)
  • Overview of all topics (engl. Themen/Ideen)
  • Overview of all artists (ger. Künstler)
  • Overview of all locations (ger. Orte)


New elements


New elements can be added via the circular button, which is alway located down to the right on every page.

Dependent on the area this button has the above colors.

Navigating in the dashboard (brown) one can directly insert all the different new elements.


You’ll be guided to the edit-area (germ. bearbeiten). Only in this edit area you can insert content or change, save and delete..

In the view-area (germ. Ansicht) only the inserted data will be viewed.


Filter menu with list

This menu on the left which contains the filter and the filter results can also be switched off or it can be activated again using the button icons below.

Volbart_UI-Elemente_Action_Artworks_FilterMenu2-icon Volbart_UI-Elemente_Action_Artworks_FilterMenu1-icon

This menu cannot be seen in the mobile version.

The filter menu can be used in the overview view of the artworkd and events.


Side menu


here you can find

  • the button to the user profile and
  • overviews of the respecitve elements dependent on the area


for Events, Topics/Ideas, Locations and artists:

  • Overview of all elements

for artworks:

  • Overveiw off all elements and
  • Overview of all relations of artworks and events in a table format


Change, Save, Delete

To do all of those you have to change to the edit-area. There you see all the fields available. The fields are grouped in cards. Sometimes the cards are “closed” to get a better overview. Only the fields with contents are viewed.

Elements can only be deleted in the edit-area.

Change from View to Edit:

Volbart_UI-Elemente_Action_Artworks_ViewEdit-engl Volbart_UI-Elemente_Action_Events_ViewEdit-engl

Delete and Save in artwork- and event-area:




Add artworks to events



Typing two letters of the title of the artwork one get the selection of the relevant artworks.

As soon as the artwork is added, it will no longer appear in the selection-list.


in German