Video Tutorials - Simple and comprehensible

Video Tutorials describe in an easy way e.g. what to do during the registration, when filling the user profile and also what the newcomer can expect.
At the moment there are these videos:
Currently most of the videos are recorded with german settings.
  • Registration
  • User Profil settings
  • Basics - Add a new artwork
  • Main functionalities
  • Support the price calculation with factor


The first video tutorial describes the sequence of the registration.
Video to explain the registration of the WebApp

User profile settings

This video tutorial shows the settings in the user profile settings
Settings in the user profil: Profil picture, customer number, E-mail, Password, Language, Currency, Factor for the price calculation, Units of length and weight, Address, Bank data, Overviews

Basics - Add a new artwork

Did you already create a new artwork and upload a photo?
A new artwork is done? Do you like to add it to you Du möchtest es in Dein Werksverzeichnis aufnehmen? Dieses Video zeigt Euch auf die Schnelle, wie man ein neues Werk dem Werksverzeichnis hinzufügt.

Main functionallities

All main functionalities are shown in a quick way. Good overview.
In this tutorial all main functionalities are shown. Dashboard, overview and single views of artworks, artists, events and locations.

Price factor settings

Price factor settings for calculations of painting prices and sculpture prices
The factors set in the user profile help in price calculations of paintings and sculptures.
The preset factors in the user profile can be overwritten for each artwork in the edit-area of the respective artwork.

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